Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Superb Owl

My buddy E-mar likes to tell the story of how the NFL shut down a real estate company that called itself "Super Bowl Realty" and had it's website. You might notice the NFL doesn't let anyone use the name "Super Bowl" unless they are paying royalties for it (crazy, right?). That's why TV and appliance stores or restaurants and bars have to advertise sales and parties for "The Big Game" instead of "Super Bowl".
Upon being sued, the lady who owned the company changed the name to Superb Owl Realty.

Now I don't know if this is true or an urban myth; I couldn't find anything in the web about it, but it's a good story nonetheless.
Oh, and by the way fellow Dolphins fans - near 10% of the combined rosters of the teams in the Super Bowl are ex-Fins:
Giants: CB Sam Madison, Free agent not re-signed before '06
Giants: OL Grey Ruegamer, Drafted in '99, cut in 2000
Giants: DL Manny Wright, Cut in 2007 offseason
Giants: RB Reuben Droughns, Spent one month on practice squad in 2001
Pats: RB Kyle Eckel, Waived in '07 training camp
Pats: FB Heath Evans, Starter cut in Sept. '05
Pats: LB Larry Izzo, Free agent not re-signed before 2001
Pats: OL Billy Yates, Undrafted FA in '03, cut in '04
Pats: WR Wes Welker, Traded for 2nd-round pick in '07
Pats: RB Sammy Morris, Free agent not re-signed before '07
Pats: LB Junior Seau, Acquired in '03 trade, not re-signed before '06

On to today's game: We all know the subplots - Spygate, now Spygate II:How They Cheated the Rams out of a 2nd Superb Owl Win, the Pats trying to go Perfect, has Tom Coughlin's face recovered from the frostbite at Green Bay.

My prediction: New England 34, NY 17
MVP: Randy Moss (3 TDs and does a naked pole dance on the left field goal upright after the 3rd)

Real MVP: Tom Brady - luckiest man ever - one of the best QBs of all time, and maybe THE best after his 4th ring - rich, famous, handsome, great personality, got to host SNL, adored by millions. Greatest accomplishment - He left his baby mama on the left (Bridget Moynahan) while she was preggo to be with Gisele Bundchen (on the right.)

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