Friday, February 22, 2008

Some good things happened for the Dolphins today

In my opinion, some important things happened for the Fish today

  • The Atlanta Falcons won the coin toss that gives them the #3 overall pick, the Raiders pick #4, and the Chiefs now pick #5. Important on several fronts. If the rumors are true and the Falcons covet Matt Ryan to be their new QB and face of the franchise they would have to give up less compensation to swap picks with the Fins, theoretically, as the #3 pick is more valuable than the 4th or 5th spot. Why is the Falcons potentially giving less compensation good for the Fish? Because it makes a deal more likely to happen. The Falcons have two second round picks, #37 & #48 overall, and #68 in the 3rd round. The NFL Draft Value Chart, while somewhat antiquated, assigns point values for each pick in the draft. It gives #1 overall a total worth of 3000 points. It gives #3 overall 2200 points. The Falcons #37 is worth 530 points and #68 is worth 250. That's almost exactly even in value, and the Dolphins would then have picks #3, 32, 37, 57, 64, & 68. That's how you rebuild, friends. At #3, they also would be able to potentially take the same player they would have taken at #1, Dorsey or one of the Longs and not pay a premium for giving him #1 overall money. Falcons cornerback Deangelo Hall also stated he wants out of Atlanta and could be part of a package as well.

  • Another bit of good news is that top rated running back Darren McFadden of Arkansas had a press conference and announced he would be working out in full at the combine, except for the bench press. This means he'll be running and getting timed. EXCELLENT NEWS. McFadden is seen as the top skills player in the draft and if he has outstanding workout numbers and wows the scouts, this is great news for the Fins. It is unlikely the Dolphins would take a running back #1 overall, as they already have Ronnie Brown, and Parcells has been on record saying he wants a position that has a chance to be a 10 year pro when he pays someone that much money guaranteed. If McFadden slays the workout, someone might fall in love with him and give the Fins an offer they can't refuse.

  • Fins owner H. Wayne Huizenga announced he has sold 50% of the the team to New York/Palm Beach Real Estate Billionaire Stephen Ross, whp grew up in South Florida for $550 million. Huizenga looks like a pauper next to Ross, with his net value being listed at $2.5 billion and Ross' at $4.5 billion. Huizenga bought the Fins from the Robbie Family for $138 million in 1994. That's what you call a nice return on investment. Huizenga has been a dream owner for the football people since he became owner. He is willing to spend and very hands off. A blessing and ultimately his curse, as he allowed the mismanagement of the Dolphins to go on for years -- from pushing Shula out the door in favor of Jimmy Johnson, to convincing Jimmy to stay an extra year after he resigned, to allowing Jimmy to handpick his successor, Dave Wannstedt and giving Wannstedt total player personnel control, to stripping Wannstedt of GM power and replacing him with inhouse doofus Rick Spielman. While conducting the GM search he interviewed and passed on Jerry Reese (who just won the Super Bowl as GM of the Giants, Ted Thompson who went to the NFL title game as GM of the Packers, Phil Savage who has the Browns on an upswing). Huizenga hired Nick Saban, who screwed him over, hired Randy Mueller, who in turn hired the doomed Cam Cameron who both decided to draft Ted Ginn and his family instead of everyone in Miami's choice QB Brady Quinn. Huizenga says he will stay on as managing partner and Bill Parcells would not have come here had Huizenga not given him his word he won't be going anywhere for the time being. For the long run, getting rid of Huizenga is a good move for the Fins. (I didn't even go into how he fucked the Marlins after the 1997 World Series).

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