Tuesday, October 13, 2009

H-H-H-Henne beat the Jets

some clever Fin fan already has a parody song up on youtube
music courtesy of Elton John/Bernie Taupin


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Monday, October 12, 2009

Miami Dolphins- New York Jets live blog

8:42: Play 1, Henne dumps off to Ronnie Brown as a checkdown, Ronnie gets 10 yards out of it. Ronnie always falls forward for a few extra yards.

8:44 RONNIE completes a pass to Fasano out of the Wildcat for a 21 yard gain!
8:45 next play, Ricky handoff from Ronnie out of the Wildcat for 17 yards. LOVING THIS.

8:46: back in the traditional formation, Henne hands off to Ronnie for a nice gain. Fins, 2nd & 1 on the Jets 21. False start on Haynos.

1st referee penalty announcement is in Spanish. Odd.
Como se dice "off sides" in Espanol?

8:47: 2&6, Henne picks up the 1st down to Bess.

Henne completes to Ginn for a 1st!! NICE DRIVE. Just marching down on the Jets who seem to not be offering much of a pass rush.

Confusion on the Jets, they call a timeout.

1st & goal, Ronnie picks up 3ish

2nd& goal at the 3, Polite with the handoff, to about the 1.5 yard line


Seriously, they made that drive look easy. Let's see how the D responds to the Jets. I am guessing the first play will be designed for Braylon.

Jets first posession

I guessed wrong, it was a run up the gut for little or no gain

2&9 another run for a nice little gain of about 5 or 6 for Jones

3rd and 3ish for Dirty Sanchez

they run the Wildcat with Leon (The Fog is Getting Thicker and LEON IS GETTING LARGER) Washington at the throttle... and Channing Crowder thwarts him

BUT the Jets fake punt and get a 20 yard gain from the Punter. In keeping with the Spanish theme... "MIERDA!"

Sanchez completes a 20 yard pass because Sean Smith whiffs on the tackle. Feh.

Sanchez has all day to throw and gets a pass interference flag thrown on Yeremiah Bell. AWFUL.
2nd and goal from the 5, Sanchez floats one just out of reach to Brad Smith

3rd down, come on D.
Braylon Edwards. TD. Eff. Where was Will Allen playing?

Fins drive
9:12 pm
Jaws: "the grass is part of the ground"

1st down, short throw to Ricky off play-action
RICKY WILLIAMS takes a dump pass for a huuuuuuuuuge gain, like 60 yards

3 and nothing after that leads to a Carpenter field goal


Jets ensuing posession

Question: is posession the only word that follows ensuing? Have you ever used ensuing in daily speak?

3rd and one after Thomas Jones gets 9 on 2 handoffs.
Sidenote: Thomas Jones' brother is the Seahawks Julius Jones. Is Julius Jones the 3rd most famous Julius in the world after Caesar and Erving?

End of 1st Quarter.

Crowder really playing with passion tonight, due to his Rex Ryan war of words.

3rd & 11, Will Allen has an illegal contact penalty, automatic 1st down. Awful call by the ref.

1st down, Leon with a 9 yard rush.
2nd, he gets the 1st down

ball on the Jets 45

2nd & 10... Sanchez with the draw play to Thomas Jones, stopped in the backfield by Jason Ferguson

3rd& 11 again.. big play here, Sanchez overthrows everyone, big stop (unless the Jets fake punt again)

punt goes into the endzone, Fins will get the ball back with 10:30 to go on the 20


Fins posession

Ronnie 15 yards out of the Wildcat
Ricky direct Wildcat snap for a gain of near 7

Henne back in on 2nd down
in shotgun
hands off to Ricky who is tackled for a big loss in the backfield by Kris Jenkins
great play by him

3rd & 9

incomplete to Hartline, will punt

Jets ball

False start
1st & 15
Leon Washington run
2& 5
Washington again with a nice gain

1st down completion to Braylon

3rd & 3 now..
incomplete to Edwards

punt coming up

another fake. Fuck.

2& 20 after a penalty, Leon Washington gains 11

3rd down, short completion for the Jets, (apparent) field goal attempt coming up

Jay Feeley ties it up, 10-10


1st down coming up from about the 18.

Jets have 102 rushing yards, Fins 52
total yards about even

Henne rolls away and has a nice completion to Ronnie called back because of a holding penalty on Grove. Dammit.

2nd & 17, 1:20 left

Ronnie with a rush for little or no gain, Jets call timeout, they may get decent field position with 1:00 left.

Fins punting from the 5 or so, 1:13 left. Feh.

Sanchez with a 13 yard gainer to Leon Washington.
2 quick completions by Sanchez
definite fg range

Feeley kicks the 43 yarder, 13-10 and the Jets will get the ball to start the 3rd.

now I have to change the channel, Chris Berman is putrid.

3rd quarter commences

Might I say, if the Fins win this game, they'd be only 1 game behind the Pats and Jets
grow a pair.

Thomas Jones takes the opening handoff for 7.
Come on.
Another first down.

6 yard completion for Braylon

Will Allen had the interception in his grasp on 3rd down and dropped iut

(apparent) punt coming up


Fins at the 20. Let's see a drive like we had to open the game, please.

Finally, they unleash Chad a little and he zips a nice pass to Haynos for 17 yards

then they immediately go... to the Wildcat (why?)
Ricky for 3 off direct snap
Ricky direct snap for no gain
3rd and 7, blitz comes and Henne incomplete pass to Polite

Nice punt to about the 7

Gruden makes a good point, we haven't heard Porter or Taylor's name called on the defense
no pass rush

Ugg Gibril Wilson called for a controversial personal foul

3rd & 9 now

Washington swallowed up by JT!

Jets punt

Fins ball from the 36

Ronnie rushes for 7
Ronnie again rushes, close to a 1st
3rd and 1, Lou "Mr 1st Down" Polite gets it

Henne on 1st throws a checkdown to Ronnie for 5
2nd and 5 from midfield, quick pass to Bess who got about 10 but got shoestring tackled saving a much bigger play

Chad was in a rhythm so what do they do? Wildcat of course.
Nice gain of 5 for Ronnie though
another gain of 6 for Ronnie, 1st down off the Wildcat

Ronnie with another Wildcat rush on 1st down and gains nearly 5
Gruden is orgasming over him
botched Wildcat play, Ronnie was trying to throw but stumbled, throws it out of bounds
3rd and 6, Henne comes back in, Tirico echoes my point, Henne has to come in cold and out of rhythm and try and pick up a first on 3rd and medium

now Wildcat again after Henne calls time out, and Ricky with a GREAT run and hurdle
love Ricky
1st and 10 from the 15
Henne with a short gainer to Polite after stepping up in the pocket
2&5, Ricky takes the Henne handoff for about 4.5
3rd and a yard or less... pitches to Ricky who takes it to the 1!
..end of 3rd... let's get Ronnie to punch it in when we come back!

Ronnie takes the handoff on 1st and goal... and is stuffed..
must get a TD this drive...
2nd and goal... playaction pass, Henne rolls out in bootleg, throws from his back foot to Fasano!!!!! TD!!!!

17-13 good guys!
15 plays, nearly 9 minutes
Sanchez responds with a frigging bomb to Clowney, he had till Cinco de Mayo to make that pass

50+ yards

big sack by the Fins, refs debating if it was intentional grounding or not
they rule intentional grounding but its over Jaws' dead body
3rd & 22... Sanchez with a touchdown to Braylon Edwards. Sick.
Why does Jaworski call him Mark San-CHEZ, is that the proper annunciation?

Fins challenge it, looks like his knee was down before ball crossed.

fins win the challenge, Jets score anyway on 1st and 1 from Thomas Jones. Only difference it made was someone got jobbed in fantasy football.

20-17 Jets, off two huge throws by Sanchez.


on 3rd & 3, Henne steps up and delivers a 14 yard completion to Fasano


53 yards!

24-20 Fish.


come on D
Thomas Jones rushes for 6
2nd & 4.. Leon Washington stuffed
3rd down... big play... Sanchez incomplete! Jets will have to punt!

Fins will get the ball with about 9 minutes left. Time to eat clock, boys.

Settle down, I said clock.

8:46 to go from the 30
Ronnie takes the Henne handoff for about 2 yards
Wildcat handoff Brown to Patrick Cobbs for no gain, Cobbs (my favorite Fin), is shaken up
3rd and long...
(9 to be exact)
Henne under center, dumps to the tight end for now gain
3 and out *sigh*


not a good punt, Jets get it at their 38

by the way, I love Chuckie Gruden on the mic, he is a revelation from his coaching persona, much like Jeff Van Gundy in the NBA

1st down.. incomplete
2nd and 10.. handoff to Jones for 7 (come on D)
3rd and 2 to be precise... Sanchez with a quick throw to Edwards for the first
dammit Sanchez is good for a noob

sigh, another bomb to Braylon, he drops it, but they call a terrible pass interference call on Will Allen. Ball placed on the 1. I am going to hurl. Terrible call.

Jones with the TD. 27-24.


Fins respond with nice gains by Ricky & Polite in the Jake Long direction. Near mid-field now already. Pat White in the game now? Huh?

Hands off to Ronnie for a gain of 6.

White runs out of the shotgun for a first down!

Chad back in now.

False start on the center.
1st and 15, 2:47 to go, from the 40.

Wildcat, Ronnie to Ricky gains about 7 but comes up hobbling.
Ronnie takes the handoff from Henne, gains a few more
2:00 warning
3rd and 5 coming up, definitely in field goal range.
Henne beats the blitz by throwing to Camarillo for the completion!
1st down! 1:54 left

Pat White back in (I hate this)
hands off to Ronnie for no gain

Chad Henne guns a throw to Camarillo to the 4 yard line and 1st down!!!!

Brown to the 2 with :17 left and 1 timeout.

2nd down.
Henne in.

3rd down, :10 left
Wildcat formation, RONNIE IS IN!!!!!!!!


Happy Bar Mitzvah, Chad Henne.

Jets have it at the 43 yard line with :03 left.

Hail Mary time

INCOMPLETE! Fins win a great one!


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