Sunday, August 23, 2009

thoughts on Mad Men episode 2, season 3, "Love Among the Ruins"

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sometimes I'm amazed that plot-wise, not much moves forward, but the performances and writing is so rich I don't really mind

  • Roger being oblivious about why no one approves of him now is kind of oblique. Don is pissed because he used Don as a scapegoat to break up with the wife. He now doesn't get why the ex or the daughter don't want to have Jane the home-wrecker at the wedding (which takes place the day after the JFK assassination, probably the season finale)

  • Betty's dad is going to be an interesting subplot -- Don made Betty happy by bringing her dad into their home, but she is going to be giving birth in a few months, and with her 2 kids and now a strokey Alzheimer's father, nothing good is going to come of it. But at least Don showed Betty some loyalty and concern.

  • I liked Peggy getting a little feminist and going after some booty when she felt frustrated by the sexist attitude at work via the Bye Bye Birdie scenes with the workers and then Don...

  • the London bosses screwing Don with the Garden is the beginning of the end for this merger, I think. Bert Cooper probably buys it back for pennies on the dollar, or Don splits off and starts his own agency.