Sunday, February 24, 2008

Across the Universe

ok, I watched the surrealish musical Across the Universe from Netflix the other day. Being a big Beatles fan, I was looking forward to it. Visually it was very appealing and I give it bonus points for its creativity, but it was so goddamn long that the plot device they used of weaving Beatles songs and characters into the movie went from innovative to contrived & annoying by the end. Also, more chick flicky than I anticipated it being. Don't waste your time.

One caveat: the singer who played Sadie (singer acrtress Dana Fuchs) was awesome - great voice, throaty & smoky, kind of like a Janis Joplin type, she reminds me of Joan Osborne. I'd like to Fuchs her myself.

I'd prefer to watch this cute asian kid sing the Beatles all day long than watch Across the Universe again.

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