Sunday, February 24, 2008

SNL's new Obama

is... Fred Armisen. I guess there isn't one funny skinny black comedian in America.

I thought the show last night was pretty "meh" - some things were funny, especially Gov. Mike Huckabee who poked fun of himself on Weekend Update & Tina Fey's Update rant. I also liked the commercial the girls did for the pill that makes them have their period once a year. Steve Martin made a cameo in the monologue showing Tina Fey she needs to think of herself as a performer not a writer. I kind of liked the Celebrity Apprentice takeoff, with the odd impersonations they did. Hammond was Trump, but they had Sudeikis as Iron Chef Judge Ted Allen & Kristin Wiig as Jennifer Tilly (pretty funny impersonation). The new cast member did a decent Rachel Ray and Keenan was Charles Barkley (not as good as Frank Caliendo's). They then did Celebrity Apprentice SVU with Mary Jo Buttafucco (Tina Fey) and Hader did John Mark Carr, the weird Jon Benet Ramsey "confessor". I love Hader when he does offbeat stuff like this. Fred Armisen was celebrity judge Gene Simmons (great job).

Apparently, Maya Rudolph is not on the show anymore, she wasn't even listed in the credits.

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