Monday, February 18, 2008

A good angle

I saw this story on the internet and found a corresponding youtube video. I don't really watch wrestling much anymore but do keep up on some websites. Here is an angle that was on the WWF pay per view last night. Apparently the Big Show returned after some time off, and bragged he lost over 100 pounds (he does look svelte). He attacked Rey Misterio who looks like he just finished a match. Show taunted Floyd Mayweather who was in the audience and I guess they said he was friends with Rey.

As Show lifts Rey up for a choke slam, Floyd jumps into the ring and confronts Show. Now Show is a legit 6'9-6'10. He was a college basketball center back in the day and he is about a foot or so taller than Floyd and outweighs him by probably 225 pounds. So Show got on his knees and dared Floyd to hit him... and Floyd does, apparently stiff potato shots and I bet they broke Show's nose (you can see him bleeding from the nose and mouth at the end of the video), Show probably told Floyd to make sure they look real in the dressing room.

Well done angle, the crowd was into it, I bet this is the kind of thing that gets most casual fans to buy Wrestlemania, which I assume is what they will be wrestling or boxing at. WWF has had success with this before -- Lawrence Taylor vs the late Bam Bam Bigelow was a main event at a Wrestlemania and I believe Mike Tyson refereed a Shawn Michaels vs Steve Austin match at a Wrestlemania and culminated in Tyson punching out Steve Austin.

Watch the angle in it's entirety here (until Youtube deletes it for copyright violation anyway):

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