Saturday, February 2, 2008

Arrested Development The Movie

Good news in the world of comedy! Arrested Development, the funniest, smartest comedy no one ever watched sounds like it's on the fast track to be made into a movie. has audio of AD star Jeffrey Tambor (also of the brilliant Larry Sanders Show) saying he spoke to Ron Howard (who was the executive producer of AD) who asked him if he were on board, and that Jason Bateman already is on board as well.

Good news for the four-million-ish viewers who were smart enough to jump on the Arrested Development bandwagon during the show’s all-too-short three season run — the big screen is about to get Bluth-ed! Yep, after much fan and industry speculation, Jeffrey Tambor dropped the Bluth-bomb on XM Radio’s The Ron & Fez Show yesterday. “I think we’re going to make a movie,” he revealed. “I talked to [Arrested Development's executive producer] Ron Howard and he hinted that there’s a push to get the movie made.” And not only did Jeffrey say he would jump at the chance to sign on, he also revealed one more member of his faux-family that was definitely in! Check it out.

If you didn't watch Arrested Development when it was on TV (and most people didn't, it got terrible ratings), I beg you to buy the box set on Amazon, it's on sale for 60% off, $45 for all three seasons. Do it now.


tessai said...

Please let this happen... even if it means taking a chubby, I will suck it up.

Lane said...

I hope this is an Arrested Development reference that I am forgetting; if not, I at least applaud your enthusiasm.


tessai said...


Lane said...

you are brilliant! I am ashamed, and that is one of my favorite episodes as well. One of the joys of AD is the NUMBER of zingers and inside jokes that come machine gun style.

For my money, Martin Short has never been funnier in his life than that episode. TAKE ME TO THE NUTS! (the deaf handler swoops him towards Michael's crotch) THE BRIDGE MIX! THE BRIDGE MIX!

tessai said...

Yeah seriously, this is great news. More AD in any form would be most welcome. I hope the movie does well, then perhaps it can return to TV ala Family Guy/Futurama... (even though it more likely will probably bomb worse than Serenity.)

Then again, maybe people will say "hey, the kid from Superbad/Juno is in it!" and turn out in big numbers because of that? Only time will tell.