Monday, February 18, 2008

The End of Friday Night Lights? SAY IT AIN'T SO

E! online is reporting that NBC might be putting this fantastic show on the chopping block. It gets no ratings, but to me, that is because NBC never promoted it correctly - first marketing it as a football show (which it really isn't) then sticking it on Friday Night wasteland when no one watches TV.

It is a character driven show in small town Texas with high school football as the backdrop. The main characters are the head coach and his wife, played by Kyle Chandler & Connie Britton who act the HELL out of their parts. The stories are made up of the high school football players lives and how they intertwine with each other. It's as much a story about football as, say, Little House on the Prairie was about the westward expansion of the US or The West Wing is about politics. Those are the backdrops, but you watched those shows for the character's stories. You can watch episodes for free on or buy season 1 for less than $20.

There is an online movement here to save the show. At the very least, watch season 1 (they just wrapped season 2) before it goes the way of Arrested Development, Freaks & Geeks, Sports Night, The Ben Stiller Show & Montel Williams Show among others that were cancelled well before their time. Ok, maybe Montel deserves the ax after 17 years of Psychics trying to find out who the baby daddy is.

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