Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fins Draft News: Kiper says Falcons covet Matt Ryan

This is great news for us Fins fans (if not a smokescreen which it probably is): In a conference call with the Miami Herald, Mel Kiper claims the Falcons (owners of the 3rd or 4th pick, to be determined tomorrow in a coin flip) are in love with Boston College QB Matt Ryan, so much so that they could be willing to trade to the #1 spot. Of course, the Falcons are in desperate need of a franchise player since their last one is in the Federal Penitentiary for killing dogs.

The latest rumor? That the Atlanta Falcons are so in love with Matt Ryan of Boston College that they would swap the No. 3 overall pick and other considerations with the Dolphins to take him.
By the way, the Falcons have to first win the No. 3 pick as it will be decided in a coin toss Friday. Oakland and KC could also win the slot.
The trade with Atlanta nonetheless has merit as I've heard mild rumblings from NFL people that Atlanta badly wants a franchise quarterback and Ryan is the only certain guy at that position in this draft. So if that supposed love by the Falcons is true enough that the they would give up this year's second-round pick and maybe another pick next year, I would say the trade will happen.

That's because Miami likes Ryan. But the Dolphins have not yet fallen in LOVE with Ryan as the first overall pick. .

On the decision facing Bill Parcells concerning the first overall pick: “He has a decision to make initially about John Beck and if they don’t feel like John Beck’s the right guy moving forward with, then you look at Matt Ryan. I think Matt Ryan is the kind of quarterback that would fit what Bill wants. … You look at what Drew Bledsoe had coming out and you see some similarities there. I think the first question is, if John Beck’s not their guy, the first pick overall - where do you go? Had they drafted Brady Quinn last year -- the previous organization -- instead of Ted Ginn, then they wouldn’t be drafting Matt Ryan. Brady Quinn would’ve been their guy moving forward. But, the fact that they went Ted Ginn and then John Beck obviously puts them in a position that instead of utilizing that pick for another position, now they’re pretty much forced to take Matt Ryan.”

If the Fins trade down to the 3 or 4, they are really in the cat-bird seat. They can still get their pick of the best player available (Glenn Dorsey, Chris Long or Jake Long) and get another top pick in the 2nd round and perhaps a player from Atlanta, such as disgruntled corner DeAngelo Hall (although with a new coach, he may be gruntled once again). The Fins have so many holes that they need quantity and a high 2nd plus a pick next year or later pick this year would be what the doctor ordered. They could even trade down once again to a team who covets Darren McFadden, if he is still there and pick up even more loot.

I hope this is true, this would be a dream scenario for Parcells and the new regime.


tessai said...

Falcons won coin toss, own #3 pick

Hope this happens...

Tupac Amaru IV said...

I've fallen in love with Chris Long and I don't want to risk him going to another team. Just keep the pick and take him.