Friday, March 14, 2008

Screen Cap of Jin's gravestone

the date on the tombstone is 11/27/74 to 9/22/2004 (the date of the Oceanic crash). So there are several scenarios in my opinion. A) The grave was set up by the Koreans after it was confirmed Sun & Jin were killed on the flight. 2) The Oceanic 6 are covering up how Jin actually died or C) Jin isn't actually dead, he is left back on the island with the other survivors.
I think we shouldn't gloss over the fact that Hurley was glad none of the others came to see the baby. We do know that Kate can't leave the state of California. Jack probably feels guilt, the same reason he can't see Aaron is the same reason he can't face Sun.
I am guessing the other tombstone is Sun's birthdate.
Props to Mr. Evans for providing the picture

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