Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Best & Worst from American Idol last night

they had the luxury of having the Lennon & McCartney catalog for the first time. Being a YUGE Beatles fan, I didn't have my hopes up. Here was my favorite performance from last night, Carly the Tattoo Girl singing perhaps my LEAST favorite Beatles song, "Come Together"

Other notables (click the links to see the you tube versions) were Chikezie singing "She's a Woman" (I thought his was a little overrated, more sizzle than steak, the whole didn't equal the sum of its parts, but it was HIS best to date),
David Cook doing "Eleanor Rigby",
(he SO wants to be Daughtry, but he is like a Daughtry-lite), and
Brooke singing "Let It Be", simply and organically (like Whole Foods Market without the ridiculous price markup) while playing the piano.

Perhaps the worst top 12 performance in AI history was done by Kristy Lee Cook, whose Square Dancing version of "8 Days A Week" may have had Paul McCartney looking in the phone book for Mark David Chapman's phone number. I know the judges encouraged her to do the country thing, and it is a good idea to corner that market, but it would have been a better to do a slow country ballad version. I was waiting for her to break out "Grab Yer Partner, doe-see-doe, spin her round and round you go!" Just awful. See For Yourself.

Other notably crappy performances: Surprisingly golden boy David Archuleta sucked ass bigtime. In his vignette he admitted to not knowing much about McCartney & Lennon (WHAT THE HELL?) but was excited because he was VERY familiar with Stevie Wonder's version of "We Can Work It Out" (WHAT THE FUCK?), then proceeded to DO Stevie's version, while forgetting words, singing off key, and generally displaying that although he might be the presumptive winner so were Rudy Giuliani & Hillary Clinton at one point. I don't know if he choked in front of a large live crowd, but his might have been the worst technical performance of the entire competition. Kristy sucked but it was because of how she arranged the song, at least she didn't forget words.

The other truly bad performance was from local homegirl Remiele, who did such a lifeless, soul-less interpretation of maybe my favorite Beatles song "In My Life", you'd have thought she had taken some downers from the giant medicine bottle known as Paula's purse.

My prediction: Bottom 3: Kristy, Remiele, & Syesha
Remiele (whose version was so rice cakish) goes home but any of those 3 could be the one. Syesha was 1st AND boring, usually a bad combination.

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John Stevens said...

I'm glad my version of "Crocodile Rock" is no longer the worst performance in Idol history.