Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bob & David from Mr. Show reuniting!

if you were a fan of the warped comedy of Bob Odenkirk & David Cross of "Mr Show", you'll be happy to read this: HBO gave the go ahead for their new venture called "David's Situation". You may remember my early blog post about my sincere love for Arrested Development, and Cross' portrayal of Tobias is fucking LEGENDARY. Mr. Show could probably be described as experimental comedy, it was brilliantly out there. It was sketch comedy, but turned 90 degrees. I guess it could be considered a way more "out there" version of Monty Python's Flying Circus or The Kids in the Hall. If you notice, early seasons had an unknown Jack Black and Sarah Silverman in the cast.

Here is the EW article

As if rumors of an Arrested Development movie weren't a thrilling enough prospect, there's more potential comedic brilliance on the horizon: The stars of the 1995-98 HBO comedy series Mr. Show with Bob and David — Bob Odenkirk and David Cross (pictured) — are reuniting for a new TV project. Cross has announced on the pair's joint website (alert: NSFW language) that this May, now that the pilot they wrote has been picked up, the duo will begin shooting their new HBO series. Reportedly, it's titled David's Situation and will be produced in a sitcom format, including "ad breaks" (which they'll write and shoot themselves, presumably with — because otherwise what's the point, right? — their trademark warped humor.) In his post, Cross also says each episode will shoot in front of an audience of about 150, and he emphasizes how excited he and Odenkirk are to work together again, declaring, "it's really strong and important to the health of America."

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tessai said...

This is great news, David Cross is brilliant.