Sunday, March 16, 2008

HBO Miniseries: John Adams Parts I & II

Tonight was the debut of the new miniseries produced by Tom Hanks and the team that did the excellent "From the Earth to the Moon" and "Band of Brothers". "John Adams" followed proudly in their footsteps. Very well done, and such an awesome cast, made up mainly of "character actors" and "that guys" (as in - "I love that guy!" - even if you don't know his/her name) - Paul Giamatti is Adams, Laura Linney is Abigail Adams, David Morse as George Washington, Tom Wilkinson as Ben Franklin and Zelko Ivanec.

Episode 1 was kind of an introduction to John & Abigail - it established Adams in 1770 as a husband, father, lawyer and farmer at the beginning of the revolution.
We see the things that most of us forgot from high school social studies - things that drove the colonists towards independence - like the tea tax, taxation without representation, the quartering act, stuff like that. It ends with John Adams being sent to the 1st Continental Congress.

Episode 2 was him at the Congress, and trying to convince the other colonies to declare independence. We see the Declaration being written and we meet Franklin, Washington, and Jefferson. It was a little more draggy than episode one, but it still was good.

I urge you all to watch it, I am sure it will be replayed 100 times next week.

One thing, I kept expecting Giamatti to burst out with "King George IS THE MUTHAFUCKING ANTI-CHRIST! W-ENNNNNNN-B-C!"

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