Thursday, March 13, 2008


ok, I am going to try live blogging best I can...

Opens on the ship, Frank the helicopter pilot brings food to Desmond and Sayid who are being held prisoner. Desmond affirms he feels better (presumably from finding his constant). They are being held because they escaped from the sick bay two episodes ago, they thought Frank left the door open for them (he didn't). It was presumably Ben's mole.

Jin & Sun are alone on the beach. Jin wants to discuss baby names, Sun thinks it's back luck. Jin says if it's a girl he wants to name it Yi Jeoh (uh oh, I think this is the Korean LOST equivalent of a buddy cop movie having the black cop being 1 day from retirement when a dangerous assignment comes up). Flashforward to Sun in a hotel room or apartment in Korea putting makeup on. She is very preggo, having contractions and calls 9-1-1. So she is presumably one of the Oceanic 6!

Jin is in Korea wearing a suit...he is in a toy store with tense music playing. He is looking for....a panda. He has to go to the hospital with it! He doesn't seem too happy. Wait, I think that was a dream. Sun wakes him up.

Jack and Kate return to the beach. Kate tells them the story of Charlotte knocking her out and stopping the gas. Sun asks if they are going to rescue them, Kate sounds skeptical.

Back on the ship with Dez and Sayid. A note falls through a crack in the door. Sayid now thinks it's worth telling Dez about Ben's mole (3 days they've been together and now he brings it up?). The note says "DON'T TRUST THE CAPTAIN"

Sun introduces herself to Daniel, tells him she is 2 months preggo. She asks if he is here to rescue them. He doesn't respond right away. "The thing's not really my call". She says "thank you" and leaves him.

Sun tells Jin he needs to do as she says and not ask questions - she wants him to get 2 days worth of food. He asks why and she tells him they are going to Locke's camp. Cut to commercial.

Sun is rummaging through Juliet's things when Juliet discovers her. Sun is looking for prenatal vitamins. Juliet guesses that she is leaving camp, since Sun still had 20 vitamins left from last batch. Juliet reminds Sun that Locke doesn't want to leave the island and that pregnant women die if they stay on the island. Sun doesn't quite believe that, saying Claire's baby is fine. She tells Juliet that she doesn't trust her.

Flashforward Sun in the hospital not doing well with the contractions. The nurses confirmed she is one of the Oceanic 6. Her regular OB is out at a conference and the new doc orders something for the pain. He examines her, she is concered about the baby and the doc says it is in distress but he doesn't know why. (ISLAND SICKNESS?) She wants him to call her husband. Jin is on the phone with someone at the hospital, but someone bumps into him as he is about to get into a cab, breaking his cell phone, stealing the taxi and the panda.

Jin runs back to the store for a panda (Uh, your wife and baby are in trouble, enough with the plush animals). There are no more pandas except one on hold. He wants that panda and gives the guy a lot of Korean ben franklins.

Back to "present" on the island, Kate draws them a map to Locke. She tells them that she HAS to tell Jack but not until they get a head start. Juliet interupts and tells Jin that his wife will die if she doesn't get off the island in 3 weeks. Jin isn't impressed and they start to leave despite Juliet's protest. Juliet tells Jin that Sun had an affair (DOH). Jin says "what!?". Juliet says Sun thought the baby was another man's. Sun slaps Juliet. Jin gets pissed and walks away. (CUT TO COMMERCIAL)

Cut to Sun and Jin on the beach, Sun trying to explain, Jin doesnt want to look at her. Jin walks away. Bernard is here (yay! I like him), he wants to go fishing with Jin but notices they are fighting. Jin says to come anyway. They are fishing in Fredo Corleone's rowboat.. Bernard reminds him that they are the only 2 married guys on the island. He reveals Rose having cancer and that she is better now that she is on the island. He is surprised his wife didn't go with Locke because she stays healthy if she is on the island. But Locke is a murderer, and that he believes in karma - bad things happen to people who are bad, good happens to the good. As if on cue and like they need to slap you over the head with the symbolism, they reel in a big fish. Bernard says Jin has good karma (When I retire from the force, me and the missus are going to buy a little bed and breakfast in the mountains, it'll be nice.)

Back to the boat. The captain wants to see Dez & Sayid. They go to the top deck and the helicopter is missing. The doctor explains Lapidus had to "run an errand" to the island. Regina, who was guarding Dez & Sayid in the locked room calmly jumps off the ship wrapped in heavy chains. No one is helping her except Dez and Sayid are wigging out trying to help. The crew does nothing and the captain comes out tells them to do nothing. He asks if they have any questions for him. CUT TO COMMERCIAL.

Captain asks our boys what he can do for them. They want to know WTF is going on. He says that some of his crew are going a little batty due to the close proximity to the island. A sabateur broke their engine, they can't leave the area. He says his orders are from Charles Widmore. Dez is like Wtf? Capt says "oh yeah, you know him!" Cap shows Sayid the black box from oceanic flight 815, thanks to Widmore's many resources. It was salvaged from the bottom of the ocean along with all 324 dead passengers. He confirms the wreckage was staged. The captain asks who has the resources to do such an elaborate thing? Also, where did they get 324 dead bodies? He kind of hints that its not Widmore doing it, the captain says this is why they are here to get Benjamin Linus (alluding that Ben set this shit up).

Back to Sun, she is alone on the beach when Juliet comes over. "I'm sorry, I had to stop you any way I could". She tells Sun that she NEEDS to get off this island. She doesn't know if the boat is the answer or not but at least its something. She tells Juliet what illness she is in for. That she and her baby will be dead in 4 weeks. Flash forward to Sun in the hospital, she needs a C-section; Jin hasn't shown up yet. The baby is crowning, too late for the c-section. She is pushing and the baby is born. It's a girl.

Back to "present day" on the ship. The ship doctor/baby sitter tells them the captain is forthwright, just don't piss him off. He takes them to their new quarters, saying it is on the quiet part of the ship. Sayid says the ship isn't moving to which the doc replies "if you say so". The room is roach infested with a giant blood stain. The doctor orders a crew member down the hall - "Johnson" to clean the room. Johnson is Michael. They pretend like they don't know him. He is introduced as Kevin Johnson now, #7 for your Phoenix Suns.

Jin comes back to Sun's tent. She was worried he had left her. She wants to explain, he says it doesn't matter - he knows what man he used to be. He doesn't blame her because he used to be a cork soaker and drove her to it. He forgives her. He says he'll go to Locke's camp, she explains Juliet convinced her they need to leave. He says "I'll do whatever it takes to protect you and the baby". He asks if the baby is his, she says yes. They cry. She swears it's his. He says she will never lose him. (5 minutes to retirement and I've never taken my gun from its holster!)

Flashforward to Jin running through the hospital with the giant stuffed panda. It's not for Sun (here is the LOST Swerve). Jin is there as a representative for Paik Automotive to present the ambassador a gift for his new grandson. This is a flashback to Jin before they went on Oceanic 815.

Sun opens the door to her apartment, the doorbell is ringing and Hurley is there in a suit. He asks if anyone else is coming, she says no, he says "good!". He wants to see the new baby. He says the baby looks just like Jin. Hurley says they should go see Jin...and Jin is at a cemetery... in a grave. Sun tells the grave marker that he was right it was a girl. She tells him she was calling out for him in the delivery room. She presents Ji Yeon to him, the name he wanted. She tells him she misses him so much. Cut to "LOST" title screen.


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great job! i missed some parts your liveblogging was a real help! thanks!

Lane said...

you're welcome
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lol at all the "cop on his last day on the job" parallels...