Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ted Kennedy's endorsement speech of Obama

I was born almost a decade after JFK was assassinated and about 6 years after RFK, I always felt wistful that I had missed seeing those two inspirational politicians. Since I have been cognizant of politics (I remember watching Reagan's inauguration live on TV when I was home with the chicken pox in 1980, but probably didn't really pay attention to anything until the 1992 election) no politician has seemed to capture what the Kennedys seemed to possess- the genuine compassion and longing to help the everyday American. Perhaps it's through the nostalgic view history has given them, the sense of "what could have been"?

That being said, Ted Kennedy gave ONE HELLUVA endorsement speech for Barack Obama. Watch below. I hope you voted in today's Florida primary. (I equally hope the votes, you know, like, actually get counted correctly by the state).

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