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Dolphins Thoughts - PFT: Two #1s and Marion Barber III for the Fins Overall #1?

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Posted by Mike Florio on January 27,
2008, 12:53 p.m.
ESPN’s Chris Mortensen suggested during a special edition
of Sunday NFL Countdown that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is eyeing the possibility
of swinging a trade with the Dolphins for the No. 1 overall pick in the 2008
Such a deal would allow the ‘Boys to bag running back Darren
McFadden, who played college
football at Jones’ alma mater of Arkansas.
Per Mort, any such deal would have to include the rights to Cowboys running
back Marion Barber, who is slated to be a restricted free agent. To make it
happen, the Cowboys would have to work out a sign-and-trade deal before Barber
gets a chance to ink an offer sheet that would force the Cowboys to match the
terms or let him go in exchange for compensation. Thus, the safest bet for the
‘Boys would be to tender Barber at the highest possible level, which would force
any team that signs him to give up a first-round pick and a third-round pick.
Those extra picks then could be used to sweeten the pot for the top spot in the
And it’s clear that the Cowboys are going to have to find a way to
enhance the two first-rounders that they can offer up for the No. 1 pick. Under
revised draft
, the Cowboys pick at No. 22 (from Cleveland) and at No. 28. Under the trade chart, the
No. 22 overall pick is worth 780 points and the No. 28 selection is worth 660
points. The No. 1 selection has a value of 3,000 points; thus, the Cowboys would
be a whopping 1,560 points short.
Though the trade chart arguably needs to
be adjusted to reflect the fact that the enormous financial investment that is
now required when using the top pick makes the prospects of a move up even more
fraught with risk, the Fins could justify the 1,560-point gap by placing that
value on Barber, who coupled with Ronnie Brown could give Miami a deadly one-two
punch in the backfield.
Some readers think that the framework for a deal is
already in place, and was part of the unspoken understanding that allowed the
Dolphins to have their way with the Dallas front office. If that’s true it
wouldn’t surprise us. Jones surely covets McFadden, and our guess is that he is
willing to do whatever is necessary to get him."

My gut tells me this is not the deal the Fins would or should make, but who knows. Running back is arguably the deepest and best position on the entire team. Sure, Ronnie Brown is coming off a torn ACL but he was looking Pro Bowl bound before his unfortunate injury. Ricky Williams is a very cheap contract, Jesse Chatman could probably return inexpensively and Lorenzo Booker showed promise as a scat back/3rd down back.

I love MB3, and no one knows the Cowboys personnel better than the Tuna and Ireland. Parcells also mentioned that the #1 overall pick is scary because of the financial commitment one has to give. Guaranteed $30+ million to a rookie without 1 game of pro experience is scary, especially when there is no clear cut #1 ala Peyton Manning, Orlando Pace, Carson Palmer type. Perhaps the Cowboys could trade their two #1s to some other team in the top 10, and package that with a player and more picks for the right to get McFadden. Talent-wise the drop from #1 overall to #22 & 28 could be sharp. I favor dropping out of the top spot, I think they should try and do better than this rumor suggests.

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Rated G said...

Ugh. Trading the #1 should return a top 10 and a low first/ high second. MB doesn't do it for me and we'd have to pay him when we're paying Ronnie.