Wednesday, January 30, 2008

No Wade, No Haslem, No Shaq, No Zo, No Problem!

Poor Pat Riley. The man can't quit his job, even though he must be DYING to. However having already pulled that trick the last time the Heat sucked and handing the reigns to the illustrious Stan Van Gundy, he'd risk tarnishing his Hall of Fame legacy by bailing on them now.

After last nights debacle against the Celtics, where a PAT RILEY coached team showed absolutely no heart or hustle, they travel to SVG's new team, division leading Orlando tonight.

Oh, more good news - Dwyane Wade did not travel with the team due to the flu, and Udonis Haslem sprained his ankle and probably will be out for a while. He was in a walking boot after the game last night.

I am guessing the Heat field this starting lineup:

PG - J-Swill
SG - Icky Davis
SF - No-rell Wright
PF - 6th stringer Alexander Johnson (having him start is indignity enough, no need to humiliate him with a mocking nickname)
C - UnreMarkable Blount

Again, the Heat are reaping what they have sowed -- they sold the future for a chance at a ring with Shaq and it paid off. I am not pissed. I am not sad. I am actually optimistic with some lottery ball love/frozen envelope help from Der Komissar, the Heat will be back on top sooner than later. (Which reminds me -- I went to a Falco concert recently, and they didn't play Rock Me Amadeus. Pure balls.)

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