Tuesday, April 1, 2008

American Idol Recap - Dolly Parton still has big ones

..I mean big hits, not tits (well that too)

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Tonight was Dolly Parton night on American Idol, and while no one bombed, per se, there definitely were some performances better than others. My favorite of the evening was Michael Johns, who covered Dolly's "It's All Wrong but It's Alright" in a bluesy, soulful way. This is his best performance of the competition so far.

I also liked David Cook's version of "Little Sparrow". I like him because everything seems fresh when he sings it. Yes, I know he ripped off Chris Cornell last week on Billie Jean, but nonetheless he brings fresh air to the show.

The android known as David Archuleta rebounced nicely from some truly shitty performances with this version of Smokey Mountain Memories. I am not a fan of David the person, I think he is creepy and like the Haley Joel Osment character from A.I.

Honorable mention goes to Carly.

Worst performances weren't AWFUL but they weren't as good as the best of the week. Remiele was meh as usual, Syesha made me gag when she predictably picked "I Will Always Love You" and copied Whitney at half-talent. Brooke led off and did a blah version of "Jolene" and Jar Jar Binks, Jason Castro was his rice-cakey blah self doing "Travelling Thru".

I think there will be a surprise elimination tomorrow, I predict the bottom three to be Remiele, Brooke, and Carly, with Brook or Carly going home. Remiele seems to have a solid Filipino fan base who vote for her, no matter how lame she is.
Syesha should be in the discussion as well, but she went second to last and picked a very popular song that the proliteriat will probably eat up with a spoon.

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