Saturday, June 14, 2008

Rest in Peace, Tim Russert

A great man died yesterday, suddenly, sadly. I admit I am a political junkie, and have watched Meet The Press for probably 10 years, and can't imagine having this important election without him. Russert projected family values and the perspective of the common man, even though he was uncommon in the humanity, gravitas, fairness, and intelligence he brought to broadcast journalism. Someone will fill his shoes on Meet The Press, maybe David Gregory, maybe someone else, but no one will be able to get the politicians and important decision makers to answer the tough questions like he could, no one will be able to hold their feet to the fire and not make them feel like they were being barbecued like he could. His only agenda was getting the truth out and holding people accountable.

The coverage on the cable news channels, to me, has been unprecedented. His death is being covered like that of kings and presidents. It is hard to think of any other journalist that would make Fox News or CNN have wall to wall coverage for a competitor like this.

RIP, Mr. Russert

Tom Brokaw breaks the news to the country:

Chuck Todd, a young disciple of Russert reacts hard to the news:

CBS' Bob Schieffer, a competitor of Russerts, comes on MSNBC at 3am in the morning Paris time (where Bob is) to discuss the death:

John McCain reacts, McCain was on "Meet the Press" fifty-two times:

Barack Obama reacts:

Andrea Mitchell tears up:

Matt Lauer classily says goodbye:

Russert's iconic TV moment - "Florida, Florida, Florida". The dry erase board is now in the Smithsonian.

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